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The Prospect RoundUp, 2/28/18 Prospects To Watch For Beyond 2018

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    There aren a lot of real roster battles to watch this spring. Center field is up in the air, there two unsettled spots at the back of the rotation, and a couple of bench and bullpen spots, of course. But watching the players this spring isn just about 2018. Here 4 guys to watch for the future.4 Spring Training Prospects To Watch For Beyond 2018Miguel Gomez - Youl see his name a little later in this report, because if there one thing you can count on, it Miguel Gomez hitting. Gomez biggest concern has to do with defense, and where he will play. It will be worth watch to see how he handles himself in the field https://www.thesfgiantsstore.com/Giants_Josh_Osich_Jersey-381. Through five games, at least, Gomez hasn committed any errors, despite the Giants having many.Chris Shaw - This one borders on adding “Duh” at the end of it. Shaw is not the left fielder of 2018, barring some unforeseen injuries. But as reported earlier this week, Shaw has worked hard to improve his game as an outfielder, losing weight and getting into better shape. With two corner outfielders ending their contracts this season, how Shaw performs now and all season will be a big factor in what decisions are made this offseason.Ryan Howard - After a breakout 2017 season, a lot of pressure may be put on Howard to make an impression in a shallow farm system. Howard has a short, quick swing that allows him to adjust to pitches and make good contact, albeit for not much power. However, he hasn turned it into working deep into counts and drawing walks, and despite being able to play all over the infield, he got some room to improve on defense. He getting pushed with the big dogs this Spring, how he reacts could set the tone for a pivotal year.Aramis Garcia - The Giants have 5 catchers not named Aramis Garcia in camp, so Garcia playing time will be slim. That said, the Giants’ own Musketeer is lowkey one of the Giants top remaining prospects. His power still remains tantalizing throughout the injuries he suffered, but the injuries have prevented him from developing behind the plate. His value is in being a catcher. Getting any chance he can to work with the big league pitchers will help him in that regard. And, on top of everything else, if there any prospect teams might ask for in midseason trades that the Giants would be willing to trade, Garcia tops that list.Good Prospect-ish Impressions This WeekMiguel Gomez - Sure, we know he can hit. But when he gotten chances this Spring, he has hit and been a part of rallies. He is 5-for-9 across five games, including a double and a home run, with four runs scored and three RBI. Gomez is a big long shot to make the Major League squad out of Spring Training, but he is leaving an impression for the future, as a player whose bat will play at the next level.Kyle Jensen - On Tuesday, Jensen became the first Giant in Spring Training to collect multiple home runs in impressive fashion, with a walk-off Grand Slam to salvage a win in a game they had trailed all the way. Home runs in the Spring are not rare, but the impression comes from the size of the home runs. The first left the ballpark entirely at Camelback Ranch, and the second looked like it would have cleared the center field batter eye at Scottsdale Stadium (it came down five feet to the left), 430 feet away and 25’ high. Jensen almost certainly not going to make the big league team, but he could be an impressive presence in Sacramento https://www.thesfgiantsstore.com/Giants_Derek_Law_Jersey-298.Pablo Sandoval Bat - Sandoval is no lock to make the team, but has a good track to be a bat off the bench. Through 3 games, Sandoval is 3-for-8 with two doubles and a home run, and one of those doubles was inches away from being a grand slam over that impressive batter eye in center field. Obviously, the Giants would like a bench that has some power off of it, and Sandoval could be that guy.Bad Prospect-ish Impressions This WeekTyler Rogers - Rogers leads the team pitching staff with three appearances, and yet isn even an official invite to the Major League camp. But he has not succeeded the way one would hope. In his first outing, he gave up two unearned runs, and while the error contributed, two walks and 1 hit allowed did not help. On Tuesday, he came in with the bases loaded, and allowed two runners to score, on a sacrifice fly and another error. Obviously, errors behind him haven helped, but a non-roster guy won get many chances, and he hasn done as well as one would want.Tyler Beede - Beede is one of the team most important pitchers, part of a mix of pitchers who are most likely to be competing for two spots in the rotation. Beede got the Monday start, and struggled in two innings. He gave up four hits and a walk en route to three runs allowed, including a double and triple. Spring is never an easy time for pitchers, and this year schedule with less time for workouts certainly didn help. Beede has a lot of time to really earn that starting spot, but it wasn a good first outing.Pablo Sandoval Glove - Two errors on Tuesday game left a bit of a bad taste in the mouth, despite the bat performance. At least so far this Spring, Sandoval has not shown the quick reflexes and sure glovework that Sandoval showed as a Giant at the start of the decade has not quite been there. His Tuesday game did also include a nice play charging a ground ball and throwing home to get a runner with the bases loaded https://www.thesfgiantsstore.com/Giants_Brandon_Crawford_Jersey-33. If Sandoval will get a bench role, defense won be as important Jarrett Parker Jersey, but the team still won want a liability.Spring MomentsDon Tease UsMost interesting thing from today's media session Giants haven't ruled out Heliot Ramos getting into a game this spring. He's only 18 years old. Alex Pavlovic (PavlovicNBCS) February 22, 2018The least that Bochy could have done is give us a date so that Giants fans could start requesting the time off and get flights and reopen the Pink Pony for a get-together and possibly attend that game.Sir Bam Bam of the DrillsThe SFGiants outfielders are getting creative in Spring Training.

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